A Journey Unfolding
Saturday, October 21, 2006

To New Life

I believe this to be a decently accurate summation of the current place my heart finds it's rest...

On the Journey to New Life -

"I wonder if the journey towards new life doesn't begin with death: an ending, a letting go, a breakage or even a disillusionment. New life emerges when a capacity to receive something is created. Sometimes we make the room, but most of the time the space is made for us, whether we agree to it or not.

Expectations in my life most often provide opportunities for death. The person didn't measure up, I was disappointed, my illusions shattered, dreams broken, hopes dashed, and I am left frustrated and resentful. I am also left with an opportunity. Do I allow these emotions to grip and control my life, so I have no room for the newness? Or am I being invited to choose life anew, to let go of my expectations and answer life's beckoning call?"

Because He is faithful and answers me when I ask for opportunity to grow, I will rejoice.

Because He is kind and protects the precious things of my being, I will be glad.

Because He is Love and guides me in His goodness, I will not be subject to toils of the disillusionment, but will forever cling to His promise and provision.

Thank you Daddy... I love you and the life you offer!

Maria at 1:57 PM


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