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Monday, January 08, 2007

On the road again... but now with only a 5 minute commute!

This is my new house! Isn't she purdy?

It's nice and airy, with lots of storage, two terrifically positioned bedrooms, a totally funky kitchen and bathroom and great decorating potential. As a bonus - it comes with a great housemate to boot! =)

We'll have tons o' fun making this place a home and I can't wait to get started...

I'll post more pics as progress is made but I just wanted to share my good news - I have a great spot that's located a mere 5 minutes from my work, cozily situated in a quite little neighborhood, with a semi-tree lined street to usher in my welcome home. Jesus is sooo good to me and I wanted you all to share in my joy!

Much love - Maria

P.S. - I've put some other more recent photos under my photos section - so check em' out if you wish.

Maria at 11:38 AM


Anonymous Dad said...

Maria, This is great news- I am so happy to hear that you are only 5 minutes from work. The place does indeed look airy and I know it will be soo homey when you apply your special touch. Take care- Love Ya, Dad

9:03 AM  

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