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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Small Steps of Love

Just wanted to share this one... I get these everyday, but this one, particularly given the beautifully orchestrated conversation I had with some new friends the other night spoke to my heart...

How can we choose love when we have experienced so little of it? We choose love by taking small steps of love every time there is an opportunity. A smile, a handshake, a word of encouragement, a phone call, a card, an embrace, a kind greeting, a gesture of support, a moment of attention, a helping hand, a present, a financial contribution, a visit ... all these are little steps toward love.

Each step is like a candle burning in the night. It does not take the darkness away, but it guides us through the darkness. When we look back after many small steps of love, we will discover that we have made a long and beautiful journey.

Maria at 4:33 PM


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