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Monday, October 13, 2008

chain reaction

There's a reason good are cheap. There is a cheap labor trap, in that our globalized society offers economic liberation for many, but devastating bondage for too many others.

We can unwittingly import poverty by consuming products and services without conscionability, becoming complicit in keeping those trapped in slavery – bound; working for my lesser expenditures. They don’t need my gratitude for keeping my pocketbook more lined; they deserve my active contribution to end the brokenness and battery in which they suffer. They require their lives to be restore and lived in wholeness.

I am rich by most standards – as at least 80% of the rest of the world less than $10 a day. Therefore – I don’t don't want to wear someone's despair nor eat someone's tragedy.

I’ll take THAT truth, at any cost!

We have a very simple opportunity. Again, organizations are making the task EASY! We can hold businesses accountable and ask corporations to join the fight for the total abolishment of slavery! At places like THE CHAIN REACTION STORE – CLICK HERE you can email (and they provide the e-mail, you don’t have to create anything, just press SEND) companies to ensure that their products are slave-free. Soon you will be able to demand the SLAVE-FREE brand.

It takes like 2 seconds – you have 2 seconds.


Consume wisely…


Maria at 7:46 PM


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