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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

So uh, if you could just give me a few more days to recover from the current haze of head fog I find myself in - I will come out in full force to enjoy the bounty of beauty you supply. I look forward to more of...

* the sunshine parade
* picking flowers and desert wheat
* taking advantage of my free 7-day gym pass
* wearing flip-flops for the next 2 months straight
* walks in the park with my favorite guy
* the full return of my taste buds in order to enjoy the
plethora of treats my new town has to offer
* rock climbing at smith rocks
* reading books in the grass of my newly beloved drake park
* iced coffee
* skipping
* kickin' it with my girl
* finding an actual job
* eating ice cream in a waffle cone
* getting connected to my local community
* buying fresh veggies and fruit at the farmer's market
* finding a dance class and the courage to take it
* cooking fresh fruit cobblers and the like for me and my guy
* taking trips to see my family
* re-learning my guitar
* squeezing every last bit of goodness out of you

p.s. if you could prolong yourself just a few weeks, that's be awesome too! thanks.

Maria at 3:44 PM


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