A Journey Unfolding
Thursday, February 11, 2010
So I'm a planner. Anyone who knows me knows this. I've been gathering ideas and planning contingencies since before Jason officially proposed (I know, I cheat).

It's all on purpose though. I just know that things have a way of getting ahead of you, and swirling around you and I can feel it already.

Well, that's the goal anyway. To stay ahead of the swirl...

In efforts to keep it all low key and simple, I wonder if some of the magic is lost... but the straight up fact is, we just have such little fundage to spend on this thing that we hafta keep it low key and simple. It's funny, I read on (theknot.com - wanna talk about overwhelming - whoa) that the average wedding costs 27K. They had this special section on low budget weddings at under 10K. Baaaaahaha - we're gonna break records with this thing at around 1K. That's right, I said o.n.e.

That said, I think maybe there's even more - more of the stuff that really matters, and that's the magic, you know.

I've had the evening off here, so I've basically been browsing creative sources (www.etsywedding.blogspot.com - um HUGE shout out to the gal (Jennifer Farmer) who set this whole thing up and does all that lovely research so I can glean from her sifting out all those fun ideas), browsed fabric stores and got samples for a hand-made wedding dress my talented and creative friend Kristin is putting together for me. I scouted bridesmaid dresses and jewelry on etsy and the like, sent some e-mails, caught up on some stuff, all while being covered up with cozy blankets - as it is snowing outside. The flurry of white makes something peaceable - even though it's spring - it's snowing and something about the ground covered up and tucked away makes you wanna rest. Keep it love key, simple. Maybe also because it's nearly midnight my eyes would like to shut and stay that way.

:} sweet dreams

Maria at 9:26 PM


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